Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business.  Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.  We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

Success Troops LLC is the perfect Virtual Assistant Network for me. I learned of  their services through a referral which is how most of their clients find them. Michele and her team are timely, and they always get my work done – ahead of time.  Michele is one of the most diversely talented women I know. She is amazing doing hands on detail work and dealing with sales, customers, presentations and just making it all flow. She is one of those rare individuals who is a big picture thinker but can widdle down to the finest details. She is quick in her work too. All other VA companies have taken take twice as long to do what I needed. They have created custom reports that show me where my business can grow on a weekly basis.  Michele is great at coming up with and sharing new streamlined ways to do things. Michele is very fairly priced for her skills. She could easily charge more but she wants to build client for life relationships.  Michele manages multiple business entities for me and keeps them all on track and running smoothly.  I can go on vacation and know Success Troops LLC has the operation in full-control. Michele may classify herself as Virtual Assistant or the owner of a VA network, but really she is a business partner, who could run any business. She is worth much more than I pay her. I recommend her highly! – Stacia R

Success a Troops has assisted me with my business growth and has done amazing work.  They are so upbeat and positive and is a real joy to work with.  Anyone who has Success Troops on their team is very blessed. – Kathy P

Success Troops LLC and her team are multi-talented professionals.  They contribute to my practice in so many diverse ways.  They are experts in social networking, a great researcher and an excellent editor.  I am so glad that I have Success Troops working with my company. They are experts that provide good value and creative services.- Shirley E

The Success Troops team is made up of natural leaders, passionate advocates, exceptional organizers, talented writers, innovative marketers, and bridge builders with natural skills a born networker.  – Jim C

Success Trrops has the following outstanding attributes: organization, commitment, creativity, people skills, computer skills, interviewing, continuing education and competitive environments. – Lynn S

Michele’s top talents are organization, interpersonal communication skills and being an encourager to others. She kept me on my game when we worked on business projects together. – Chad B

TheSuccess Troopsteam is great with:

Building relationships with people.
Acknowledging and encouraging others.
Celebrating others successes.
Follow through.
Taking action.
Uplifting others.
Managing priorities.
– Kathy P

To put it as simply as possible, Success Troops awesome! They have always been very kind and supportive. Now that I have gotten the change to work with them, I have gained even more respect and admiration for this team, both as an individual and as a business person.  – Zach S